How can I edit an image?

Image editor video:


Readmore has an advanced image-editor that you can use to edit your images.

  • Enhance: Let our computers enhance your images automatically
  • Effects: Add filters to your image
  • Stickers: Add stickers to your image
  • Orientation: Change the orientation of your image
  • Crop: Crop your image
  • Resize: Change the size of your image
  • Brightness: Control the image's brightness
  • Contrast: Control the image's contrast
  • Saturation: Control the image's saturation
  • Sharpness: Control the image's sharpness
  • Text: Add texts to your image
  • Redeye: Remove red eye's from your image
  • Whiten: Whiten elements in your image (e.g. teeth)

To access the image editor you should select an image, and click on 'Edit image' (see screenshot).

From here you can edit the image using the feature-buttons on the top of the editor.

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