How do I upload a new edition?

  1. Log in to your account via
  2. Choose 'New Edition' next to the magazine you'd like to update.

    Please note; every app can only contain one magazine title. If you create a new magazine on the back-end this will not be displayed in the current version of the app. To add a new edition to the app, use the magazine entry that you used before.
  3. If you're uploading a PDF, HPUB or RePub, you can simply select the file from your computer here. The title you type in here will be used in the app.
    If you're using our InDesign plugin, you can export the HPUB to your desktop and then select it here.
  4. You're brought back to the home screen. Click on the edition you just added.
  5.  Status Before the edition is available in the app, it's processed by Readmore's Cloud Optimization. This process can take a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the size of your magazine.
    Title This is the title as it will be displayed in the app.
    Description  The description will be displayed under the title in the app.
     Category  If you wish to divide your app into categories, you can type in a category per edition. All editions with the exact same category name will be grouped together.
     Publication date  All edition in the app are grouped by Publication Date. You can define that here, and thereby control the order of your editions.
     Published  If checked, this edition will be publicly available in the app.
     Free Edition  If checked, this edition can be downloaded for free.
     Product ID  If you're offering a paid edition, you should place a Product ID in here. Please contact Customer Support if you don't have any Product IDs..

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