Hyperlinks in InDesign


1. Create the object to be used as a button.

2. Open the Buttons panel (can be found via Window > Interactive > Buttons), select the object and click the 'Convert Object To Button' icon.

3. For Event, choose 'On Release'.

4. Click the 'plus' sign next to Action and select a supported action.

(Supported actions for hyperlink buttons: Go To First Page, Go To Last Page, Go To Next Page, Go To Previous Page, Go To URL, Sound, Video, Go To Page)

(Supported actions for slideshow buttons: Go To State, Go To Next State, Go To Previous State)

Do not use the Go To Destination action to jump to a different article. Instead, use the Go To URL action with a “navto” format. See the related section later in this article.

5. If applicable; add extra button actions


1. Select the frame or text that you'd like to use as a hyperlink

2. Open the Hyperlinks panel (which can be found via Window > Interactive > Hyperlinks)

3. In the Hyperlinks panel, choose 'New Hyperlink' from the panel menu

4. Deselect 'Shared Destination'.

5. In the 'Link To' menu, specify any of the following options and click on OK:

URL: Tapping a URL hyperlink displays a web page (http://), an App Store application (itms://), an Amazon Appstore application (amzn://), or a different article (navto://).

Email: Tapping an Email hyperlink launches the Mail app with the To field filled in.

Page: Tapping a Page hyperlink jumps to a different page within the article. Do not use this option for jumping to a different article.

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