Export settings


This title will be shown to the user when a page loads.

Export Range

Here you can indicate the pages that should be included in the final document.

Page Format

In all cases, except Liquid Layout, you should select 'Continous Scroll (Horizontal)'.

Are you using Liquid Layout? You should select 'Liquid' here.

Open Thumbnails in Lightbox

In some unique cases you might want to enable that. It's usually better to keep it disabled.

Text Rendering

This option affects the way text will be shown on the end product. Each option has it's own advantages and disadvantages. You can contact your Account Manager in case you'd like some advise.

Note: We left out the options that are not advised for iPad

Rendering the text as Images - The text will be exactly maintained as it is. (Default option)

SVG (preserves appearance + scalable) - The text will be exactly maintained as it is, and will look sharper on Retina(-like) devices. Some versions of InDesign won't support this version. It's advised to test this setting out first.


You should select 'Hpub' here. You can upload this file in the back-end. Please note that the file size of the Hpub file won't be the final size. Readmore's Cloud Opmitization system will still perform numerous checks and optimizations to make it look and perform better.

Image Quality

It is highly recommended to use Object Export settings in all your document's assets. This will result in the optimal balance between great looking images and fast loading of your document.
If you choose not to set the Image Quality, the 'Standard' setting will result in a faster loading document, the 'High Definition' option will result in double image quality, and the 'High Definition - Text Frames only' option will result in excellent text quality (if you've chosen 'Rendering the text as Images') with fast-loading image assets.

Device Viewport Zoom

'Zoom to Device Width' is the only recommended option.


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