The Analytics section allows you to dive deeper into each of the data elements.  Using the navigation panel on the left you can select which data you want to view.

  • Users - the total number of users per day and which of those are new vs. returning.
  • Sessions - the number of times your app was opened per day - also shown as new vs. returning.
  • Countries - a picture of where your readers are coming from across the world.  You’ll be able to see where most of your returning readers are based and where your new readers are coming from.
  • Devices – which devices people are using to access your material.  It’s important that your content is optimized for all the listed devices to ensure that it always looks its best.


Additional useful data views which include device resolutions (width x height), app versions, carriers, platforms (operating systems) and densities are being used to view your material. 


  • Languages -- an overview of the languages in which your content is being viewed.
  • Sources – which appstore an app was installed from when it’s viewed via mobile, and web pages visitors have been referred from. 
  • Views -- a comprehensive look at how people are engaging with your pages – total number of visits, average time spent on each page, bounces .etc.
  • User profiles – look at each of your customers individually to understand what engages them and act accordingly.  You can see how they behave once they are in your app by looking at their profile pages, purchase history and session information.  You can answer questions like “When did Sarah Denton log in last week and what did she purchase?”

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