The engagement tool is key in understanding what your readers are doing once they get to your content.  

  • Retention rate—this is one of the most important metrics for app analytics.  It shows you how active your readers are after they first access your material.  You can break this down by day, week or month.
  • User loyalty—how loyal are your users? You can see how loyal your users are by the number of sessions they have started.  The more sessions, the more loyal. 
  • Session Frequency—when are they returning to your material after their initial visit?
  • Session durations—how long are they spending engaging with your content?
  • View frequency—how many views are there per reader?

It is important to be aware of the engagement levels of your readers so you can see if actions you take positively impact their behavior.  Optimally you want to see an increase in all of the above metrics.

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